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Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades: Volume 1

By Robert Zucker, publisher Entertainment Magazine

The 3-volume compilation, "Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades," revives 50 years of Tucson local entertainment with articles, interviews and stories about the over 2,000 musicians and entertainers who performed in Tucson nightclubs and venues.

The first volume of this series, published by EMOL.org, covers the years from 1950 through 1985, is now available on Amazon.com. The next volume covers the years 1986 through early 2000s.A Nostalgic look at Tucson from the 1950s through 1985

Read sample articles republished in the first volume. New pages are being added. When the second volume is ready, those pages will also be featured on this site. Enjoy!

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The newest fad– customizing cars in California– set the pace for a few local car clubs. Tucson’s “Banshees” beamed proudly with vehicles sporting fender skirts, flipper hubcaps and continental kits. Kids sure wanted to be 16 in a hurry to cruise about– even in an Edsel! Vroom! But, kids just rode their bikes and settled for a “transistor” sister radio hanging from the handlebars listening to KTKT-990 AM  – Tucson’s top rock and roll radio station.


Cruising Speedway (let’s make that speeding Cruiseway) was just as popular then as nowadays. We had our car radios pegged to KTKT-99 AM and KFIF-1550 AM, rocking all the way. The gang made the big circuitous route around town which included: Frank Kalil’s Teen Town on the north side, the HIHO Club on the east, and Sunset Rollerama on the south central side, near the Cactus Drive-In Theatre. They were all non-alcoholic clubs for teens back then. We cruised the four Johnnie’s Burger Shoppes and, when inside, pumped nickels in the mini-table jukeboxes. Brushing aside the glossy gossamers off mind’s memory, one recalls rising for high school to the radio alarm clock and the Guy Williams program of the city flagship rocker station KTKT.





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1985: Street Pajama

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Statesboro Blues Band

Statesboro Blues Band

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1991: Dean Armstrong and Billy Burkes

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1994: Neon Prophet

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