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Nadine & the MoPhonics: Singing for success 

Nadine and the MoPhonicsPhoto: Nadine & the MoPhonics (l-r) Dan Sorenson, Cathy Zavala, Lisa McCallion, Bob Casler, Neil McCallion and Nancy McCallion. September 1986. Entertainment Magazine archives.

Nadine and the MoPhonics is the name of one particular Tucson rock and roll rhythm and blues band.

But you won't find a Nadine among the bunch.

And, you won't find a MoPhonic either.

"We decided we weren't gonna tell people why we (call ourselves that). It's policy," lead guitarist sometime "grunter" Dan E. Sorenson says.

But, he makes an exception this once and explains the origin of the band's name. "We actually used to have a bass player who was a speech teacher." Oh.

Nadine and the MoPhonics actually have had several bass players and a few drummers before settling down with their present line-up. Lead vocalist Nancy McCallion, age 22, co-founded the band with her partner rhythm guitarist, vocalist Cathy A. Zavala, also 22.

"We met in a guitar class at Pima," McCallion says. "We knew each other because we had a mutual friend, and this mutual friend talked about the fact that Cathy played, wrote songs and stuff, and I guess and then we met and listened to each others songs."

The rest of the line-up includes Sorenson, 35; bassist/vocalist Cathy M. Davidson, 24; and drummer Bob G. Casler, 32.

Nadine and the MoPhonicsThe band released a cassette tape last year entitled, appropriately enough, "Nadine and the MoPhonics," which includes six original songs by McCallion and, or Zavala, "We do our own songs much better than somebody else's. If you write it... " McCallion says. "It's you,Ó Zavala interjects.

The band also needed the tape to sell themselves to club owners for prospective gigs. "It's pretty hard to work in certain clubs." McCallion says. "I guess we don't fit into their type," Sorenson says. ."We don't have green hair," Casler adds.

But, if Nadine and the MoPhonics get their way one year from now, "I'm hoping we'll have a really good following ... and playing as much as we want.Ó McCallion says. "Five years, from now I hope I'm not here anymore. I hope to be farther along."

Zavala's wish is fairly simple. "I want a nice car."

"Well, I want a big house," McCallion says.

"Oh, I want a house, too," Zavala adds.

Nadine and the MoPhonics. Photography by Tim Fuller. Entertainment Magazine archives.

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