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Contributing Writers/Artists and Photographers to Volume 1

For volume one of "Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades," the following people and companies had contributed their own time and work to be published in the original publications– Entertainment Magazine, Newsreal, The Magazine, Tucson Teen, Youth Awareness Press and Youth Alternatives from 1974-1985. The first volume of this Tucson music compilation covers the years between the 1950s through 1985. As new articles are added, they are linked from the contents page.

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Contributing Writers                                                                    Artists/Photographers

Roxanna Alday

Ed Alexander

Tina Alvarez 

Cindy Aquillo 

Brian Atkinson 

Bryn Bailer 

Hilary Bass

Elizabeth Bellamy 

Connie Breeze 


Constance Commonplace 

Neil Costin

Curtis Dutiel

John Engle 

Caylah Eddleblute 


Timothy Gassen

Anne Griffin

Michael Hamilton 

Lori Hornback

Bennie Jasinowski

Lee Joseph 

Ilaina Krauss 

Jonathan L 

Tracy Landers

Jeff Latawiec 

Angie Lumia 

Ronnie Mack

Sharon S. Magee

Byron McClure 

Mainstream Blues Society

Kata Mapes

Tim Martin

JoAnn Mesa 

Donna Morgan

David Moskowitz

Mark Newland

Nick Nicholas 

Steven M. Rabinowitz

Aaron Rey

Diana Rey

Jodi Rigberg

Veronica Rivera

Laurie Robinson 

Peggy Rose 

H. “Slitboy” Salmon

S. Castillo Samoy

Peri Savery

Joel Schenkenberg 

Brian Schottlaender

Mary Simon

Dan Starr 

Michelle M. Sundin 

Carol Tepper

John Thompson

Neal Ullestad 

Katherine Van Holzer 

Richard Whitmer 

P.L. Wylie

Charley Yates

Lydia L. Young 

Robert E. Zucker


Manuel Abril

Simon Alev 

George Alford

Art Attack Records 

Asylum Records

Hilary Bass 

Jacqueline Blancato

Seymour Butz 

Cabaret Attractions & Talent

Jeff Carter

David Bean Photography 

Déjà vu Photography 

Bill Doyle 

EMC Entertainment


Bill Greener

Marc Hauser 

Dave and Kay Fintel

Tim Fuller 

Galvin Larson 

Connie Leinbach

Leora McCabe

Byron McClure

John Noyce

Olan Mills Studios 

Stephanie Samoy

Bruce Schockett

Robert Schotland 

Jeff W. Smith 

Balfour Walker

Lydia L. Young

Bertram J. Zucker 

Robert E. Zucker

2014 © Entertainment Magazine and BZB Publishing, Inc., Robert Zucker and Newsreal, Jonathan L. All rights are reserved. These are the compiled works of contributed materials from writers and photographers previously published in the Tucson Teen, Magazine, Entertainment Magazine and Newsreal newspapers, and from Entertainment Magazine On Line (EMOL.org). No part of the material protected by this copyright may be reproduced or utilized in any means, electronic or mechanical, without written permission from the publisher.

Permission is granted to use quotes and cite references to the contents in this book with proper credit noted: “Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades,” © 2014 Entertainment Magazine.”

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