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The Cattle are now on vinyl

By Fonda
May 1985 - Entertainment Magazine. Page 18

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Al Perry and the Cattle 1985 Tucson, AZ Entertainment Magazine archive

The Cattle starring Al Perry, Dave Roads and Julia Mueller. Addled Recording, 1989. Entertainment Magazine archive.

It has finally arrived in record stores all across Arizona- the long awaited debut album by local trio The Cattle. Led by guitarist Al Perry, the Cattle have previously released two cassettes. This is their first vinyl product and it is a good one.

“Cattle Crossing” captures all the energy and power of The Cattle’s live performances.

The album contains a balanced mix of material including several instrumental tracks. All but one of the songs is original, the exception being Fish Karma’s “Die Like A Dog.”

Al Perry’s guitar playing on this album proves he’s heavily influenced by guitar greats like Link Wray, and by traditional blues. There is no real category to put The Cattle into, although this album has blues favor, it contains plenty of garage style and even a little thrash.

The addition of engineer Steve English’s pedal steel guitar on 4WORV gives it a splash of country sound as does co-producer Jeff Keenan’s fiddle playing. The meshing of all these factors and influences make “Cattle Crossing” a fresh, well-done album that shows off some of the best talent this region has to offer.

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