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April 1985: Tucson’s got all the jazz!

By S. Castillo Samoy
April 1985 - Entertainment Magazine. Page 9

This page is from the 3-volume set of "Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades," a compilation of Tucson's music and entertainment history.

Spring (1985) is here and Tucson’s jazz and blues entertainment scene continues to offer some choice pickings. Places about town that you can frequent include: Terry & Zeke’s, Brooklyn’s, Keaton’s, Poco Loco Bar & Grill, Temple of Music and Art, Jack’s Pub, Café Olé, Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant, Gus & Andy’s Steakhouse and on and on...

Along with Albuquerque, N.M., San Diego and Houston, Tucson lays claims to two jazz supported groups; Eneke, the 35-member “guardian angel of avant-garde” and the Tucson Jazz Society. The Old Pueblo also has the Tucson Blues Society, which is here “to educate and promote an awareness of blues music and culture in Tucson” (their motto).

Loser’s Club debuts

April 1985 - Entertainment Magazine. Page 6

Four veterans of the local music scene have combined to form Tucson’s newest and most exciting band in some time. Chris Burroughs, whose Nationals played here two years, has returned from Los Angeles to join former Los Lasers members Marx Loeb and bassist Pat Murphy and Stab In The Dark guitarist Rick Kirkpatrick. Loeb, who played drums with the Lasers for six years, just recently left that band, as did Murphy, whose other local credits include The Soul Rebels, Wellington White and Arizona. The Losers Club will play all originals written and sung by Burroughs, Kirkpatrick and Murphy and will debut the middle of this month, playing most of Tucson’s rock and roll clubs before disbanding in June.

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Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades
Volume 1

Entertain Tucson

WREX closes, but the beat goes on

By Jeff Latawiec 
April 1985 - Entertainment Magazine. Page 19

The month got off to a rousing start with the March 10th (1985) Iron Maiden-W.A.S.P. concert. Then there was the St. Pat’s Day gig at the Roxy Nightclub with Aftermath and Roc Lochner. But after that, hard music fans had to go out of town to find any satisfying musical happenings. Phoenix hosted what sounded to be one killer of a metal feast, with Metallica, Armored Saint and fresh from the night before in Tucson, W.A.S.P.

Unfortunately for local music, especially the punk and metal bands and fans, the just-months old WREX nightclub has already closed down. Too many rumors to sort out the facts. But Chris, from WREX, will still be involved in promoting shows. He is scheduled to have a hardcore gig at his house.

Locally: There’s been some studio work by Tucson bands during the past several months. We can look forward to checking out some home town vinyl soon which ... (hint, hint!)… our last true blue rock radio, KLPX, will give some airplay– not on just once a week shows.

I talked with one of the members of Roc Lochner about their forthcoming mini-LP. It seems they had some problems with the final mix, some things they weren’t satisfied with. Anyway they took it out to California to try to find someone to get it right. Hooray! They did and final work is being done. I’m happy because my favorite Lochner tune, “I Need to Know,” is included on this record.

Another local band that graces the space of my column regularly is also working on getting a slab of plastic out. Aftermath went into the studio last month to do on EP. I was lucky enough to hear it before the final mix. There will be four songs, and it should prick some ears when heard. They have a unique style of metal, something hard to do nowadays. The EP will give metal fans something new to devour, plus represent them to the record companies.

I recently talked with Joe, their bassist, and he was not at all happy about the lack of places for original bands to play. In fact, he was quite succinct about his feelings, especially with the WREX going under. Something to the effect of “this town stinks as far as local music goes.” Anyhow, the recording is done. All they have to do is finish the art for the cover.

Message Spot: I am going to check out a band called Exodus at the UA Cellar April 3rd. I’ve heard they are a metal-oriented bunch, so it could be fun. Congrats to Naked Prey on their fine LP, and a special compadre’s embrazo to ex-compatriot Sam Blake. You did it, Buddy.

So goes another month. Maybe, April will see the opening of another venue to showcase local talent. As always, thanks to the musicians the most. Next, thanks to those who support them, may there be many more of you, especially, at the shows. You don’t have to be afraid to come out and see your local HM bands.

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