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June 1984:Tucson's musical sounds

This page is from the 3-volume set of "Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades."

In response to the Magazine's reader surveys, a column devoted to new music will be published from the raw edges of hardcore, the outer limits of art punk, to the more expected and fashionable "new wave" pop.

Tucson's longest lasting hardcore outfit, Conflict, has broken up. They played their final show at Nino's on April 1st. Drummer Nick Johnoff said the split was inevitable because not everyone in the band was willing to put out 100%.

Four local teens have decided to form an all-girl hardcore band this summer. Kerry Tucker, guitarist, said the main reason to form the band was boredom. "There's nothing to do in the summer, so we decided to play some music to keep from being bored," she said.

None of the girls have played in a band before. All are still learning their instruments. But that hasn't dampened their enthusiasm in the least. They will receive able assistance from Kerry's mother, Maureen, who was drummer for one of the 1960s most popular cult bands, the Velvet Underground. A famous "rock and roll animal" by the name of Lou Reed was singer/guitarist for the Velvets. Three of the girls, Erin, Charlotte and Karr, attend Mansfeld Jr. High School. The other member, Kiki, goes to Tucson High School.

U.P.S. guitarist Paul Young said his band will be going into the studio soon to record a 45.

Community radio station KXCI features a hardcore show on Friday nights, 8-10:00PM with Bill Dozer better known as Bill Fisher, ex-singer for the Corporate Whores. He sticks strictly to the HC and plays a variety of international selections. Bill is also in the process of trying to start a new HC band of his own. He already has a name M.P.S. Chunks. He has hooked up with ex-Savage Circle drummer Tom. Savage Circle was one of New York's better known bands.

Barry Smith has left Gentlemen After Dark. His brother, Stewart, has joined the group that plans to move to California. Finnish HC band Raw Power will play in Tucson around the beginning of September.

Ex-Jonny Sevin guitarist/singer Mark Smythe is back in town to form a new band with drummer Rex Estell. Both played together in one of Tucson's most popular new music bands, the Pills. New Music is featured Sundays at Terry & Zeke's. Currently, Ipso Facto performs with special guest bands.

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