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This page is from the 3-volume set of "Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades," Download a free, 100 page, special edition digital PDF sample of selections from all three volumes, including the full Table of Contents, Indexes and a samples of historical articles and photographs. "Entertaining Tucson Highlights.

The first volume of this Tucson historical music compilation covers the years between the 1950s through 1985. As new articles are added, they are linked from the contents page.

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Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades
Volume 1

1950s:  Rockin' & Cruisin' -15--
Tucson's musical memories of the '50s -16--
Sons of the Pioneers: Rooted in Tucson's history -18--
Rex Allen: The legend of "Mr Cowboy" -20--
Talking with Rex Allen -21--
1950s-1960s: Tucson radio's misty memories -25--
Shopping Tucson Downtown -26--
Tucson's culture in fried chicken - The Polar Bar -27--
1960s: Rock Evolves & Standards Endure -29--
A look back on Tucson's past -30--
A run-in with Tucson's Drive-In's -31--
The Tucson Rodeo Parade -33--
History of the Tucson Rodeo Parade -33--
1960s: KTKT's Battle of the Bands -34--
The Vibrations: rockin' into the night -35--
Dearly Beloved: The faces of the 60s -36--
Linda Ronstadt: Tucson's "Girl Singer" -42--
Dean Armstrong: A Tucson Legend -44--
Lewallen Brothers: A blast from Tucson's Past -46--
Frank Ace: An Ace up his sleeve -47--
Up on Bourbon Street -48--
Mickey Greco swings -50--
Carl Guy: Guitarist turns actor -51--
The acoustic ballad of Shep Cooke -52--
Jimmy Greenspoon: Leading a Three Dog Life -54--
1970s: Rock goes mainstream, disco flickers -55--
Tucson music in the 1970s -56--
Choo Choo's -58--
Tucson Country Music in the '70s -59--
The Mountain Newsreal makes it's debut -59--
Chuck Wagon & the Wheels: Keepin' those wheels spinnin' -60--
John Hawk: The Hawk of the desert -62--
Cass Preston keeps on swinging -63--
John Denman swings with his quartet -64--
Peggy Rose &: Company: A refresher course for "Swingers!" -65--
Where have all the Big Bands gone? Ask Cliff Juergens! -68--
Billy Templeton: the Elvis shtick -66--
Will the real Billy Templeton please stand up! -67--
Disco fever heats Tucson teens -69--
Tucson's teen disco dance launches new teen paper -70--
Disco: A fad launched in the '70s -71--
Teen disco at the Gazebo
Cruising Speedway is a well-traveled tradition -74--
Turning on to KTKT -77--
The crew at KRQ -80--
Disco fever spreads around Tucson– one last time -82--
KTKT-FM: New 96 Rocks Airwaves -83--
KHYT's disco machine -86--
The Desert Springs Concert Event -84--
Raffle's Disco Club dazzles with laser -87--
Games Around Town: Video, pinball, pool -88--
Sports: A new season with the Tucson Toros -89--
Goodbye '70s, Hello 80s -90--
Jim Anderson: Tucson icon -91--
1980: Technology becomes personal -93--
Disco-vision, cable, home computers -94--
What's on channel 375? -94--
Rockin Tucson in the '80s -96--
Video Games: Buzzes, whirls and pongs -99--
Surge forward -100--
"First Wave" concert splashed out -101--
1981: Evolving Music Trends -103--
KTKT's new sound: Music changes trend -104--
Cox gets nod for Tucson cable TV -105--
Jonny Sevin: rising success -106--
White Lightning strikes innocent audiences -107--
1982: Revolving musicians -109--
Tucson Teens– some bands bite the dust -110--
Good news for local musicians -111--
Pills: Return to Transition -112--
Larry Miles: Spinning records for a living -114--
Reporter Chuck Graham on work and music -115--
Rick Allen: Radio as a career -116--
September 1982: Local musicians release new tapes -117--
TV at your fingertips -117--
Leanne McCabe: singing her heart out -118--
"Desert Tracks"  Tucson's best– together on one local album -119--
Tucson's 1982 Punk Rock Scene -120--
1983: Alternative Music Scene Emerges -123--
LeAnne McCabe: Taking it to the Top -124--
Young adult club opens -125--
LFB: A sound looking for a name -126--
February 1983: Short Music Notes -127--
Uptones return "home" -128--
Serf's up for Green on Red -130--
Chris Burroughs: Rock and roll on a budget -133--
Teens in middle of Sundance West feud -134--
Sandworms: Desert Sophistication -135--
Lee Joseph: This man wants your tape! -138--
KXCI to fill void -139--
Radio Free America -140--
Confused is all right -142--
(Phantom) Limbs ready for 'romance' -144--
How to Stuff A Wild Bikini -147--
Youth producing TV for the first time -148--
Crosswind: Local trio kicks up dust -149--
Slit: Underground Notes -150--
Silent XChange: Local XChange -151--
Los Lasers legend and myths -152--
Que Onda? Where's the alternative music?? KXCI! -154--
1984: Rock Reigns Hardcore Fledges -156--
Updating Tucson Music -157--
January 1984: Jazz, blues, country punks -158--
Statesboro Blues Band: Happy with the blues -159--
Road Furniture: Born on the Highway -161--
Shagnatty: A Twist of the Jah -162--
Public Access Cable: A chat with Jan Lesher -163--
Tucson's sounds abound -165--
A Tost to the Blues -166--
The Resistors: What are they resisting? -167--
July 1984: New Music Column -169--
September 1984: hardcore, new wave & other punk -170--
The blues are alive and well! -171--
Only "Only's," they say -172--
Tucson's specialty music stores -173--
Hard production work pays off in vinyl -174--
Let's have the V-8's -177--
Rod rocks the TCC -175--
October 1984: Rock and Heavy Metal -178--
Roc Lochner: Roc and roll -179--
Roads to Moscow hits the road; Embers smolders -181--
Progressive Music in Tucson -182--
Giant Sandworms reattack! -183--
Metal isn't dead– yet -187--
UPS: Useless Pieces of Shit -189--
Overview for '84: Don't step on Tucson's blue suede shoes -191--
1985: Entertaining Month by Month -194--
January 1985: Sandworms become Sandwurms -195--
Heavy Metal Music: Clubs close, bands prepare LPs -197--
Los Lasers stopped waiting -198--
It's the Aftermath that'll get you -200--
February 1985: Tucson musicians rock -202--
Chances burned to the ground -202--
T&Z to serve drinks, Chances bites the dust, Roxy and DanceTrax rises -203--
Tucson bands rock the clubs -203--
March 1985: Local music lights up Spring Fling -207--
Spring sprouts local music news -208--
The heavy metal edge; Roc Lochner new release -210--
Etude prepares video -212--
New radio station on cable TV -213--
Rock Videos: Fad or Culture Shock? -214--
Breezin' down life's highway -216--
Tucson's Reggae History -218--
New Bands Heat Things Up -219--
Fred Espinoza: Lights, CameraÉ Stress -221--
April 1985: Magazine is now Entertainment Magazine -223--
Saddle City Band stars with Michael Landon -223--
April 1985: Tucson's got all the jazz! -225--
Loser's Club debuts -225--
Nadine & the MoPhonics: Singing for success -226--
Local scene bursts with spring -228--
Ticket buying: made easier -230--
Wah-Deh Connection: Reggae Connection -230--
WREX closes, but the beat goes on -231--
Los Hamsters?! You got it! -232--
May 1985: Local Progressive Music hops -233--
General Delivery: Delivering since 1985 -234--
Tucson is jazzin' it up! -236--
Roadrunner: Making music country-style -237--
Cattle now on vinyl -238--
June 1985: Jack's, Rockefeller's gone, Circus on -239--
The Fanatiks: They're ironically fanatic -240--
Not just another Buddy System -241--
Other summer music -241--
Adam Graham: The other half of O'Leary -242--
Aces high on the go -244--
Losers Club gain a winning reputation -245--
Tucson has the comedy fever! -246--
Diverse talents mold Sidewinders -247--
July 1985: Tucson Musicians beat the heat -248--
Locals in the studios -249--
HMS hums -249--
Country rumbles: Bar hoppin' and Saddle City Stompin' -250--
Comedy: Fun times on stage -251--
Gary Hood: Local comedian keeps his lines hot and his delivery cool -252--
August 1985: Summer hot rocks fever -254--
Street Pajama: On the Road Again -255--
Tucson radio offers alternatives -257--
Chuck Graham: Sorry Dave, Chuck was first -258--
Black Sun shines through -260--
Montreal is a rare Tucson breed -260--
Nadine adds mo'Phonics -261--
Tucson comedy still headlines -262--
Armen Dirtadian: A golfer in sheik's clothing -263--
Howard Morgan: Not just slight of the hand -266--
October 1985: Hot blues cool jazz -267--
Ronnie Mack: Pickin' in the autumn -267--
Bands around town -268--
Nadine & MoPhonics -268--
HMS -268--
The Press -268--
Twister -268--
Neck Romance -268--
Tucson comedy scene: Take my jokes, please! -269--
November 1985: Comedy, clubs, variety and spice -270--
No lack of blues -270--
Keeping up with Tucson bands -271--
Ronnie Mack: November Country Licks -272--
December 1985: A Grab Bag of Comics -274--
Country Cub hopping with Ronnie Mack -274--
Tucson bands wrap up the holidays -276-- 281--
Kruiser Experience: Kruising for a bruising -283--
Garry Shandling: keeping Johnny's seat warm -285--
Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades: Volume II: 1986-early 2000s -289--
Post-logue -290--
Tucson City Map -292--
Publishing Title Holdings -293--
Publishers -294--
- Robert Zucker, Entertainment Magazine -294--
Jon Rosen, Newsreal
Contributing Writers/Artists/Photographers -295--
Illustrations/Credits -296--
Photo Captions -297

This page is from the 3-volume set of "Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades," Download a free, 100 page, special edition digital PDF sample of selections from all three volumes, including the full Table of Contents, Indexes and a samples of historical articles and photographs. "Entertaining Tucson Highlights.

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