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December 1985 - Entertainment Magazine. Page 18

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The Speedways

The Speedways will have a special show December 13th (1985). On this superstitious, bad luck day, The Speedways will be doing four sets of dead rock stars; Janis, Kimi, the Doors, etc. The show is called “Dead Rock Star Set.” This will also be repeated on the 14th at the Chicago Bar and on the 31st when they headline at the Showtime Lounge with Bluewave opening the show. There will be a $5 cover charge at this New Year’s Eve show and the band is expecting a full house. The Speedways will also be playing the Showtime from December 16-21st. After a two-month absence, Vicki Borton will be doing some of the singing. The band is looking forward to an exciting December, and also looking forward to the upcoming New Year working with all the clubs around town.

HMS: Tucson Collection

One of Tucson’s finest players of original music, HMS, has just released their second cassette of tunes. Called “Untitled Wish,” the tape is engineered by Steve English. It has six original compositions by the band that has been included in their sets for the past few months. The trio guitarist/vocalist John Venet, drummer/vocalist John Booth and bassist/vocalist Mark Mellinger have one of the tightest sounds to be heard in local clubs over the last year. Their new tape is available only at gigs and Al Bums, this band has the sound of the 1960s written all over it, and should be heard by all.

Nadine & the new band members

Nadine & the MoPhonics recently got a new drummer, Eric Kritzer and a new bass player Jim Monahan. Nadine doesn’t have any dates set until the end of January. The band is writing and learning a lot of new material.

Audience at the Bird

Audience has been together since last summer. The momentum has really picked up since they got their new drummer. Audience plays all original rock. They are a very versatile group. They played at Tequila Mockingbird on December 4th through the 6th. Opening the show was The Distant, formerly Buddy System.

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Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades

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Affirmative was a show stopper;
TFD closes down Splinter Bros

December 1985 - Entertainment Magazine. Page 16

Just as Affirmative finished playing an opening set at the White Animals/Affirmative concert November 22nd (1985) at Splinter Brothers Warehouse the show was suddenly stopped. It wasn’t because the band was playing bad music. The music was smoking.

The Tucson Fire Department (TFD) closed Splinter Brothers and ordered all patrons to immediately evacuate because the 13-year old building didn’t meet current fire code standards. At 10:00PM, about a half dozen members of the TFD filtered into the crowd and ordered the building to be evacuated during the show after citing a number of fire code violations.

At about the same time, Brooklyn’s Night Club was being checked by TFD. When a TFD officer overhead someone at Splinter Brother’s determinedly say “We’re going on,” he called for police back up to avoid any incident. The 100 people were ushered to the exits as TFD and Tucson Police Department made sure the show wasn’t going to go on. Disgruntled patrons questions the ethics of shutting the building town in the middle of the performance. It was an incident that could have been avoided.

The Bottom Line at Global Village

Andy Meshel, David McMahon, Kevin Cunneely, David Every and Kevin Free are the diversified musical talents that make up the fresh new group The Bottom Line. The band will be performing for the new under 21 night club called Global Village (formerly called Nue Venue) at the Tucson YWCA building, on December 20th (1985).

Originals songs of varying tastes will be debuted as well as compositions by other artists. Some of these “covers” include selections from the Police, U2, Oingo Boingo and the Talking Heads. The members of The Bottom Line draw on many different musical backgrounds to compose their originals. Bottom Line’s sets are representative of danceable cuts that can still be considered music. In late December, The Bottom Line will be recording an album at Westwood Recording Studio. There will be a debut party for the recordings on New Years Eve. Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

The Press are pressing on

By Angie Lumia
December 1985 - Entertainment Magazine

The Press has a very confident outlook for their music. As founding member, guitarist, composer and vocalist David Moskowitz put it, “quality music, professional musicians, enthusiasm, vivaciousness, friendliness with an open aesthetic appearance.”

The band members have been working with music for a long time. Some of them are professional performers as well. Robin Wall is the vocalist, keyboardist and composer. Dave Cannal plays bass, sings and composes. Shawn Burch is the bands percussionist. He has been playing since he was six years old. Bonnie Essig is vocals, keyboards, and composer.

Fiction’s new video

One of Tucson’s youngest bands has been making headway on the local music scene. Fiction, a two-man synthesizer group, has performed at Tequila Mockingbird, Brooklyn’s, Nino’s, and the UA Cellar. The band has also performed for the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.

Fiction’s first video, “The Insanity Song,” was broadcast on the final edition of KVOA-TV’s Midnight Music Videos.

The group is currently working on a second video and plans to begin production on a half-hour special for Tucson Community Cable Corporation public access channel in the future.

Band members Mike Fisher and Keith Arem, juniors at University High School, will be recording their first demo tape in the coming months. The all keyboard group will appear at Global Village (formerly NueVenue) at E. University Blvd. and 5th Avenue in the Tucson YWCA building on December 13, 1985.

It’s Plan B for Blues All Stars

Plan B is the new name that the Blues All Stars chose for their title. They will no longer be playing under their former name. Plan B is holding off on booking until their new set of originals are complete.

Assorted Images: The Images have plans

By Brian Atkinson
December 1985 - Entertainment Magazine

This month’s profile is on Tucson’s newest bands– Assorted Images. Sergio Bustamante, Joel Pust and Karl Deemer began Assorted Images one year ago. Sergio said, “that ever since seventh grade, Joel and I had thought about forming a band, but we didn’t seriously consider it until we started playing. That’s when we found Karl.”

The group plays “modern rock almost techno-rock,” explains Deemer. “We listen to a lot of British groups and get influenced by them.

Assorted Images seems to be well received by the public. They have opened for Friendly Warning at Nino’s and have also played at various parties and social events.

Deemer believes “our style is completely different from anything in Tucson.” Bustamante agrees. “Most other local bands are rougher than we are. We tend to worry about our melodies. Joel will work on the melody, Karl will play it on the keyboards, and I’ll do the vocals.”

Both Karl and Sergio agree that their age does pose a major setback. “It’s hard to get other people to accept us because of our age. They don’t seem to respect us as musicians.”

Despite their ages, Assorted Images plan on making a name for themselves locally. With their drive and talent they will surely make it. Assorted Images will be performing at the new Global Village on December 6, 1985.

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