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Street Gypsy: Some Serious Plans For Musical Success

Street Gypsy

Street Gypsy photo by Jaimie Aguirre, Entertainment Magazine, July 1990, page 5.
By Peggy Rose July 1990– Entertainment Magazine, page 5

As long as music is around groups will come and go as the struggle goes on for viable artistic expression. In one of the most unlikely places, I ran across an individual who is the member of a serious, dedicated rock band. I was in one of the USA Mailbox stores and in the course of doing business our conversation, as it somehow always happens, got around to music.

That’s when John John Neptune told me about the band he plays with and somewhat of the goals they are reaching. What would be more natural then responding by telling John John that I am a writer for Entertainment Magazine and that I’m always looking for musicians and bands.

John John responded enthusiastically and said, “I’m sure the guys would like it and I’m sure our manager Joey would like it also. I’ll have him call you.” I said, “great,” and that’s where we left it.

Joey Sorce of FABCO Enterprises did indeed get in touch with me and he set up a meeting at Summit Recording Studio where the band both records and rehearses. I spent the entire evening listening and talking to four very serious young men, serious about expressing their musical gifts yet having a lot of fun during the strenuous workout. The way I understand it, they neither drink nor smoke.

According to Joey, “they save all the energy for their music.” Joey has carefully guided these young men by supervising their efforts and showing them to the public only on specially selected occasions. They are about ready to leave grade school for high school and with the effort and persistence they have got going for them to support their talent, college and graduate school is not that far away either.

Let’s meet them: Mark Bolen, percussion, vocals and the heart. Mark has been totally involved with this concept for at least 10 years. His musical talent ranges from the writing of lyrics and music, producing and engineering, and of course, the performance itself. He is primarily responsible for Street Gypsy’s new release “Crazy In The Night.” Mark writes simple and direct, but sometimes his youthful and penetrating insight about life is quite profound. His percussion experience and use of double bass kick beats to all forms of good music is an asset he has utilized well. I believe you will find him an unforgettable talent. Not hard to look at either if you can find him under all that gorgeous hair.

Declan McCarthy, lead guitar, acoustic and vocals. Indian and Irish heritage has come together here and encompasses classical and rock ‘n’ roll, backed by eight years of experience. His talent and high energy complement each other while his professionalism and style round out the complete musician.

John John Neptune is on bass, vocals. John John is the newest member of the band. He came along at a time when they needed not just a good musician, but total dedication to the concept and enough flexibility to be considerate of all ideas and talent without feeling threatened.

John John has a varied musical background spanning approximately seven years that has helped to mold him into a true entertainer. “Street Gypsy is the best thing that ever happened to me and I feel like it was meant to be,” he said. Mark Bolen says of Bobby Herrera, “his voice is Street Gypsy, the sound, the feeling, the concept, everything I envisioned for the lead singer to express. An unforgettable range.”

There you have it– four musically, well-balanced, musicians, from what I see and hear personally. If true, that will carry them a long, long way through the prickly maze of fame, fortune and success.

Street Gypsy is fortunate to have such an astute and caring manager in Joey Sorce and FABCO Enterprises is to be credited for seeing the potential and helping to develop it. One day I am sure there will be a big payoff for everyone.

Meanwhile the satisfaction derived from the music itself, the creating and the performing of it is enough. Street Gypsy delivers a high qualify rock ‘n’ roll show. Their selected appearances in Tucson have been well received by the club owners and the public. Their next Tucson appearance is at The Lucky Dollar, July 19, 20, and 21st (1990).

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