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Tucson Nightlife Updates for May 1990

Compiled by Peggy Rose, Heather Marshall and DeeJaye Kemp
May 1990– Entertainment Magazine, pages 4, 6 and 10

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Sam Taylor is playing the blues loud and clear all over Tucson. On Monday and Tuesday nights, he is at the Pacific Beach Club, at the Chicago Bar on Fridays and Saturdays, and Westward Look on Sunday, May 27, 1990. Sam sports a great horn section, exciting and driving arrangements. The drummer, Reno, is awesome and Arvin and Dave round out the rhythm section with the talent you would expect from a Sam Taylor organization.

If you are one of the brunch aficionados, you might like to know that brunch at the Westward Look Resort is not only excellent, but is also offering a soft, very tasty Jazz background every Sunday in the Gold Room starting at 12:00 pm. Hal Pyper keeps you gently entertained with his subtle flute, clarinet and saxophone backed by his own recorded music.

If you stick around until five, you can catch current Jazz in the Lookout Lounge at the Westward Look. They offer Jazz each and every Sunday. Two special shows this month include the Pat McCauley Scholarship Benefit Concert on May 13th as a tribute to one of Tucson’s most renowned guitarists/instructors, a Memorial Weekend Jazz Sunday Blowout on May 27, 1990 with Sam Taylor, and several other fine local bands.

The local rock/alternative scene keeps rearranging as clubs re-format their entertainment. Many seem to be headed toward recorded music over live bands. But, as the schedule below indicates, there is still plenty of live rock to be found.

Tucson’s alternative rock band, Marshmallow Overcoat, celebrates the release of their 3rd LP “Beverly Pepper” and a CD compilation of six other vinyl releases dating back to the group inception. They plan a concert at Mudbuggs on Saturday, May 5th. This will be their only Tucson appearance in 1990. This summer takes the Overcoat to both coasts and Europe. Other Record Release Parties include River Roses on Thursday, May 10th and The Host will hold a Record Release party at Mudbuggs on May 18th. The Statesboro Blues Band, a longtime favorite, also is releasing an LP this month.

Workshop Music and Sound on Oracle Road is providing a venue for new talent to get some first class exposure. The New Artist Concert Series is being presented on alternate Saturdays. The creative force behind this idea is Charlie Van Dusen, manager of Workshop’s Oracle store. Charlie, a member of The Brain Damage Orchestra, saw a need in the community for new artists to launch their musical talents Workshop is providing the forum, sound equipment and media support– the ingredients lacking that new artists critically need.

You’ll be pleased to know that live music is alive on the eastside at Jin’s Sneak Joint, which is becoming one of the fastest growing eastside clubs. Bobby Taylor, son of Sam Taylor, appears May 26-27, 1990.

Tucson has a wide range of Country and Western music clubs by the mere fact of its locale. For the country and/or Western fans that means a plethora of bands and places. There is a difference between Country and Western music.

At the Round Up Saloon on Benson Highway, the featured Round Up Band and the Marty Allen Band play seven nights a week and a couple of afternoons also. The Round Up features good food, spirits and a good dancing atmosphere.

On Tucson’s far west side, over the Tucson Mountains, on Kinney Road, near Tucson Estates, you can find two favorite spots. Tovi’s Hoof & Horn features the Southbound Group with Dan Goodberry at the helm. The restaurant also features smorgasbord style. A stones throw down the road is the Road Runner, a long time frontrunner with the T.J. Canyon Band. Both clubs feature good grub and dancing. The Desert Canyon Rose Band keeps the patrons of Tiny’s Saloon happy on Ajo Way near Kinney Road. They are famous for their big, big Thursday Burger.

Hidden among the rockers, Country kickers and Jazzers, swing/big band and the standards are still playing strong. Try the Baron’s restaurant on Sunday and Monday nights. Sunday starting at 8:30 pm, its the Mickey Greco quartet featuring Peggy Rose, vocalist. On Monday evening starting at 8:30 pm, it’s the Cass Preston Quartet. The rest of the week, its Hot Pursuit plays top 40. At Faye Anne’s Memory Lane, Pantano near Broadway, you’ll find live nostalgic music five nights a week. They feature various groups including Cass Preston throughout the week. Peggy Rose appears on weekends. Dancing starts at 8:30 pm.

Then you might want to try the elegance of Loew’s Ventaña Canyon Resort’s Lounge where Frederick holds sway along with his drummer, Janet and Cass Preston on trumpet and vocals Thursdays through Saturdays. The entertainment starts at 10:00 pm on Thursdays and 9:00 pm Fridays and Saturdays with dancing.

Another old standby for swing and Dixie is still going strong at Gus & Andy’s Steakhouse on Oracle Rd. John Denman  is our English import, featured on clarinet and when symphony or recording commitments appear, Len Ferrone ably holds it all together. Len sings and plays bass along with Mary Jane and others at the piano, Pete Swan at the drums, and a parade of horns and vocalists week after week. Len sings many a favorite himself when he is not graciously inviting others to do so. You can never be sure of what wonderful musical treasure you might miss if you stay away from Gus & Andy’s too long. Friday and Saturday, 8:30 pm to 12:30 am with dancing.

Even if you are not a Green Valley resident, you might want to venture out to the Arizona Family Restaurant on a Friday night to hear one of Tucson’s favorite vocalists, Peggy Rose. She is introducing her new presentation of singing all the old favorites to recorded music and is performing in Easy Street Lounge at the Arizona Family Restaurant at 8:00 pm.

If your an elk, stay away from the woods but do wander into the Elks Lodge on River Road where Clint Harrison will ply his trade through July, Thursday through Sunday. Excellent music for listening or dancing. Versatility laced with humor. Clint comes to Tucson from the Midwest and is packing them in. Lois, his pretty wife, lends her vocal talent and is a positive addition.

John Denman died on November 6, 2001.

Len W. Ferrone passed away on September 4, 2007.

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